Artist FAQ

We're glad you asked! Walldecker is a service for artists as much as it is a marketplace for buyers. The keyword there is "artists". We are not a direct-to-sale publishing company. Our collection is juried and we actively promote individual artists in an effort to expand their audience. We believe in reinvestment, because Artists are our brand. Their success is our success. Licensing and selling original artowrk through Walldecker is non-exclusive, we aren't here to limit artists' revenue streams for our own gain. Images licensed to us are made into quality prints, from which the sales revenue helps to both boost artist visibility and lifetime earnings. Our modest commission on original artwork is also reinvested into marketing and artist promotion.
Walldecker sets a minimum price for each print based on material and size. However, we respect the fact that artists are already selling prints through other venues and we want to honour that by not de-valuing their work. So, above the minimum threshold we set, artists are able to customize pricing.
Royalties are paid on a percentage of gross sales. We pay the highest rate we have found for this type of licensing, and the quality of product we offer at 32%. Our market research showed that our royalty is above the high end of the scale for licensed art prints.
We do not discriminate, and there are no tiers on royalties. Our rate is the same across the board for all artists.
We deduct a 30% commission on original artwork sold through Walldecker. This covers our costs running the site, and all of our promotional efforts on the artists' behalf. We do not charge commission on shipping, only on the retail value of the artwork as set by the artist. Discounts on individual original artwork listings are at the sole discretion of the artist, and the discount price will become the new retail value for calculating our commission. Site-wide promotions run by Walldecker will not affect the commission structure - artists are paid 70% of their set price as if the promotion did not exist.
Our company is in the service of artists. We discount at our cost. Royalties and commissions for Walldecker discounted items are still paid based on the full listed price.
If the artist chooses to alter the price of an item or offer discounts, then the new price set by the artist becomes the value for which all royalties or commissions are calculated.
We grant buyers a 10 day in-home trial period from the date the artwork is received. Once the return period has expired, the royalties become payable. You can request a payment at any time after that period, but please allow up to 48 hours for the transfer to be completed. If no request is made, we will pay out all royalties owed at the end of each month. We prefer PayPal for paying royalties at this time. Other options may become available in the future.
Those decisions are open for consultation, but ultimately the artist has the last word. Any or all of the following materials are available: canvas, acrylic, metal, wood, and paper. Sizes are limited to some degree by the resolution of the images provided to us, as we will not jeopardize the quality of the final product by printing larger than the resolution allows. However, within the acceptable ranges of the image quality, artists can choose to offer various sizes between 12 and 70 inches
All prints are made in Canada.
Prints are done with the latest 10 color giclée printing technology with extreme image resolution and the largest color gamut in class. Only pigment based archival inks are used. Color depth and black levels guaranteed to last a lifetime (up to 200 years)
Yes you can! We offer the same promotional services for original artwork as we do for licensed images. Please contact us for original and limited edition sales.

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