About Us

Walldecker is a new online gallery founded in 2018. We are assembling a juried collection, offering the work of highly talented artists as open edition prints, as well as facilitating sales of original artwork and limited edition prints. As a startup, we encourage visitors to check back regularly as the site will be expanding quickly. We are actively seeking new artists to join the Walldecker Art Collective and showcase their work.



Our Story

Walldecker was born out of necessity. The concept is our response to a demand for quality art as well as artists' need for increased visibility and sales. Donald Lee, director and co-founder, recognized those needs had not been adequately met by the current online marketplace. From need to inception, the gallery is a marriage between tradition and technology. Walldecker is a juried collection, leveraging global connectivity and fostering love for human created visual interpretation of the world. 

In the middle of it all are the artists and their work. This is where the other half of this husband and wife team comes in. Ewa Lee, curator and co-founder, has taken the role of searching for talent with an understanding of the artist/collector equation. Having graduated from the School of Fine Art & Design in Poland, she has extensively studied the human figure over the years and fell in love with the subject of portraiture. After arriving in Canada over two decades ago, her lifelong passion for horses prevailed and she is most recognized now as an equine portrait artist. She brings her experience and artist's sensitivity while Don manages the technological challenges of online art sales. 

"We are utilizing the power of online accessibility to shine a spotlight on talented artists. We're committed to serving as a bridge by bringing artists the exposure they need, and art buyers a wide range of options to choose from as they build their precious collections."

Ewa's passion for fine art and creative process is unshaken but she recognizes the need for the creative minds to remain flexible as the way people shop for art expands to online venues. 

"Art lovers now have the world art scene at their fingertips and becoming a collector is easier than ever. Our goal is to make quality art accessible to all and to help artists, emerging and established, promote and sell their work through all stages of their careers."

Our Values

Personalized representation.

We believe creative talents should have a dedicated platform designed to:

  • Boost visibility through publishing member written articles, interviews, artist bio, and showcasing their work among equally talented individuals
  • Promote their art to a wider audience through open edition prints
  • Maximize lifetime earnings from their work through licensing royalties and low commission original artwork sales
  • Convey consumer metrics back to the creators so they can tailor marketing strategies to key audience groups on other platforms.

Curator guidance.

We believe that collectors should not have to search in vain for suitable art, and that personal assistance from a curator can provide:

  • Greater success in finding art to fit a need
  • Faster searching, with the experience of our staff
  • Options to suit a wide range of budgets for single pieces or multiple selections

Everyone deserves art of the highest quality.

We believe people should have confidence in using our services, either as an artist or a buyer. Walldecker ensures:

  • Best in class giclée prints. This printing method delivers an ultra-vivid image with maximum color accuracy and exceptional resolution. The standard for museums and galleries around the world, giclée is a printing process where millions of ink droplets are sprayed onto high-quality material. With the great degree of detail and smooth color gradients, giclée prints appear much more realistic than other types of prints.
  • Artists have the last word on licensed images as to what materials are available for their prints and in what sizes, to most accurately portray the originals.
  • A juried collection, which showcases amazing work of both emerging and experienced creatives.
  • A guarantee on ALL purchases allowing people to hang artwork in their home or office and quantify their purchase. Ten day trial period for both prints and original artworks.