A Warm Welcome

A Warm Welcome

The lights are on and the doors are open! The adventure begins. We are very excited to see what comes.

There's not much here at the moment, but as the paint is drying we are putting out an open call for artists to showcase their work. New pieces will be displayed as we cultivate new relationships.

The Curator's Desk is where you will find buying guides, art placement tips for home and office, upcoming events, and general news about the site. 

So, a very warm welcome to you all! 

For the creative types, here is our message;

We are seeking talented artists, illustrators and photographers for artwork licensing opportunities. We are not interested in merchandising. We do not sell t-shirts, shower curtains, or lunch boxes. Our brand is The Artists. Our service is producing fine art prints for private, corporate, and public spaces. All products are made in Canada.

Wall Decker is a visual art marketplace that is committed to helping artists achieve greater visibility, and strengthening their brand. Royalties are paid on gross revenue per piece on a monthly basis. We do not ask for exclusive rights, which means artists are free to license their work wherever they choose to maximize earnings. We believe in full transparency and use software which allows artists to keep track of sales and their royalties. We will not allow artwork licensed by us to be sold under our name on venues which are not accessible by this accounting process.


  • Eligible submissions include: paintings, drawings, illustrations, typography, and photography.
  • Suggested themes and subjects include (but are not limited to): abstract, still life, figurative, portraiture, nature, fantasy, children’s art.
  • Only original work will be accepted. Artists must own all rights to works submitted.
  • Images for consideration should be PNG or JPEG and file sizes should not exceed 10mb. If your work is selected we will request high resolution images once licensing is in place.
  • Artists are encouraged to submit their best work, and may include multiple images.

This is not a contest and there is no deadline. Curation of our collection is ongoing. We invite emerging, and professional artists alike to submit artwork for inclusion in our collection.

You can find more information here or connect with us on Facebook.

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